School’s OUT!

Today, May 13, 2010, is the last day for all seniors at FMHS. Here’s a quick recap.

-The last day was celebrated by doing the traditional Senior Prank. This year, the Class of 2010 came up with not only one, but a handful of pranks. They T.P the school’s trees, put the bike rack on the roof, and even had some minor pranks to certain favorite teachers.

-FINALS!!  Today was the last day to turn in old missing assignments, extra credit, and of course, today we had to take our last high school finals. Although not all teachers assigned finals, there was a few who did. The Senior Class of 2010 circled their last bubble letter in their high school career.

-The last lunch. The last lunch served at FMHS for the Seniors who don’t leave campus was Pizza Max Sticks. This is the last time they dip the cheesy bread into the marinara sauce, and enjoy it with their friends.

-Some students still had to finish some projects. Whether they were labs, presenting a speech or project, or just finishing and assignment, for some Seniors this was a regular day of school.

-The last field trip is today! Students who took physics this year will be going to Six Flags today. A perfect way to end a school year, and a school career!

-The hardest thing about the last day of school is saying goodbye. Goodbyes are never easy. They usually lead up to hugs and kisses, and tears.

 Today is the last day we walk the halls, sit in the classes, and have laughs with our friends in this building we are once afraid to step into. Whatever we end up doing, the future is in our hands.

(I’m putting a video here tomorrow)

Lunch time at FMHS

School lunch, it can be the grossest meal of the day, or it can be the only meal for the day. It varies from place to place, and it’s better or worse at other schools.

“The food is better in Arizona,” says Junior, Maria Perez.” We had more of a variety over there, than we do here.” In Mesa, Arizona, students have a choice of standing in one of four different lunch lines. One line serves pizza, another Chinese, there’s a Sub sandwich line, and there is regular school lunch line. Not only do they have four distinct lunch lines, they also have restaurants go to the school once a week and sell food to the students. “Chick-fil- a, Subway, and Panda Express would go there on Thursdays, states Maria. The cafeteria is pretty much a mini food court. This wide variety of food was done so that students wouldn’t go off campus for lunch.

Alright, it may seem like our school doesn’t have the best lunch program, but at least there’s still some variety. FMHS has an open campus and an Ale Cart.The cart has a wide variety of foods which include; sandwiches, drinks, and pb&j. “Roosevelt’s lunch is pretty similar to ours,” says Mr. Phil Buettel, “The only difference is that at Roosevelt, the lunch ladies serve all the food.” Mr. Buettel attended Roosevelt when he was in high school. “I haven’t had a school lunch since high school,” he says.

FMHS lunch is based on student’s 5th hour class. Students with a 5th hour class in the bottom floor (not including gym or health) have first lunch. Students with a 5th hour in the second floor (gym and health included) have second lunch.

Some of the favorite school lunches by students include: Mac & cheese, chicken sandwiches, chili, and pizza. The least favorite include: hamburger gravy, nachos, and Mexican food. Some students even said they like all the food, and others said they don’t like any of it.  Food that would like to be seen in the lunch menu include: Chinese, Buffalo wings, and healthier choices.

check out what’s for lunch in the lunch menu.

Crush for your Crush


Photography club is one of the newest clubs started at FMHS. Photo club has put together some of their best pictures of Morgan County for 2010 calendar that sold like hot cakes. In attempt to raise more money, the club will be doing a fundraiser called, “Crush For Your Crush.”

“We are raising money to visit art galleries at the end of the school year,” stated Carla Mejia, club treasurer.

Crush For Your Crush is a fundraiser that can help one with their love this year. Show your crush, significant other, or even just a friend how much they mean to you by sending them a Crush Soda this Valentines Day. The members of the club will be selling  Crush Soda “receipts” during first and second lunch starting on February 1, 2010.  The sodas will be sold for $1.50 each, and will be delivered to the special person on February 12, 2010.  “It’s like a candy gram, only it’s a CRUSHGRAM,” said Carla.

Send aCrush for your crush” this Valentines Day! Who knows, you might wind up with your true love. 🙂

Comp goes to UNC

Composition for College is one of the Englishes courses here at Fort Morgan High School. This semester, the Senior Comp. classes will be writing a 7-10 page paper on whatever they wish to write about. In order to fulfill the minimum of seven pages, the classes took a trip to the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), located in Greeley, CO. to visit the James A. Michener Library. The students departed from the school at 8:00A.M. on January 25, 2010.The UNC library is four stories tall, and has just about any book one can ask for. 

A brief tutorial on how to do proper research was the first thing on the Senior Class agenda. The students seperated into two groups and went into the computer labs. The Seniors learned how categorize popular magizines, scholarly journals, and trade magazines apart. A fun game,Guess the Google, was also showed. This quick and fun game’s purpose was to show people think differently. For example, one might think of “old” instead of “ancient” when showed aged images. The game can be played by typing “guess the google” on the google search bar, and clicking on the first link showed. Unfortunately, it is blocked at school.

Students roamed the shelves of the library in search for their books. The massive library was still not enough for some students though. For music topics, students were to leave the building and travel a few blocks away to the Skinner Music Library. This library is much smaller, but filled with any music topic one can think of. Records, Cds, videos, and books lie behind the shelfs of this library.

Books are due next month, February, 22, 2010. If you are a Senior and decide you don’t need a book anymore, drop it off at our school library to Mrs. Cranson.

  UNC library